The technology was controversial as the war between Israel and the Palestinian territories spread through the Internet.

The technology was controversial as the war between Israel and the Palestinian territories spread through the Internet. 

 Clashes broke out at the 2018 Israeli Student Celebration held at Washington Square Park in Manhattan. Thus, the State Department's list of terrorist organizations shocked Javier. .Cohen, fourth grade in college. In the film, Khaled called Israel a "racist state" that terrorized against Palestine and vowed to "fight all the fights, including the armed struggle".

 Cohen leads the group. The number of students named Realize Israel, who started investigating federal citizenship and drew the attention of the Trump administration due to complaints about anti-Semitism on campus, believes that this year, students have dispersed and the campus heat has ceased worldwide. The sale and criminal campaign against Israel, known as B.Khaled, now 74, respected "for the role model she set up as a female free soldier." The fact that Professor "40a4
" has great respect for him is incredible. Ross.

 Professor Ross saw another problem: Zoom. Platforms that became essential to education during the epidemic remove links from webins. One-sidedly decide which speeches to accept in the academic forum without notice. 

 In recent years, there are new features in the conflict that divides the campus. His criticism of Israel was seen as anti-semitic, said Ross, who manages US content at a commercial technology company under pressure from a pro-Israeli group. Zoom can now do that. 

 The company previously canceled a webinar with Mr. Caled of San Francisco State University. The university, however, explained that wearing it could expose Zoom for allegations of terrorism. N.Webinar, entitled "We Will Not Be Silent," responded to the call. The recorded version has worked on YouTube, but Mr Ross, this has been an unacceptable decision in the lecture.

 "As an expert, we are investigating the principles," he said. "If this kind of test is cold, take your college life."  Khaled Medien and Zoom Can be confusing: Mr. Ross is the son of a Holocaust survivor, and several labeled anti-Semitic activities have originated from the Voice of Israel group. For peace. Palestinian. "

A a week later, the swastika appears in front of the Central Library - the fourth swastika will appear on the campus in 2020."  Many Jewish students blamed the referendum, "said Ofir Dayan, who led a group of Students Supporting Israel in Columbia, who opposed the referendum calling it" Jewish hatred ", to speak.  

 School information about Coronavirus: Back to school, is that true? Has held webinars at the start of the growth pandemic
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