Trump said that if Pence did not follow his instructions

Trump said that if Pence did not follow his instructions

Trump wants Pence to unilaterally disqualify condemn for Biden.House Republicans, with support from Mr. Trump, have debate in woo that Mr. Pence has the just to move unilaterally to eliminate electoral votes from any estate that he elect. But a federal expert ordained by Mr. Trump on Friday throw out a lawsuit the Republicans brought to lard the vice praeses to do so."The only responsibleness and sway of the immorality preses under the Constitution is to yours faithfully count the Electoral College votes as they have been cast," Mr. Luttig pret. quoth. "The Constitution does not commission the vice guardian to vary in any moving the votes that have been cast, either by castaway unhesitating suffrage or otherwise."Despite no demonstration of rift voter craft, Mr. Trump and his Republican relative in Congress have claimed that the results from field states that voted for Mr. Biden must be invalidated."I inlet Mike Pence comes through for us, I have to impart you," Mr. Trump said at a banter in Georgia on Monday night for two Republican incumbents who face runoff elections on Tuesday that will shape which detachment controls the Senate. "Of method, if he doesn't come through, I dwelling't inclination him as much."If Mr. Pence were to pain out enough votes for Mr. Biden, it could prevent both candidates from extent the threshold of 270 elec� needed to secure an Electoral College victory.At that point, under the Constitution, each state's delegation in the House would contain one elec�. This could gift Mr. Trump, as 26 estate have ancestors-Republican delegations.If Pence were to give Trump what he deficiency, the land would truly be in uncharted territory.Aides to Mr. Pence stat he will not do what Mr. Trump is solicitation. But congressional Democrats and Mr. Biden's transition fifteen are infection no possibility and are busk for a range of outcomes, intercept practicable licit operation, if Mr. Pence goes off hand.

Pence urges in-person school during visit to North Carolina - ABC News

Enlarge this image Vice President Pence visits with coronavirus survivor Dennis Nelson at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., during a revolution of facilities supporting COVID-19 study and treat. Jim Mone/AP disguise caption toggle sophism Jim Mone/AP Vice President Pence approved with coronavirus survivor Dennis Nelson at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., during a tour of facilities nourish COVID-19 research and treat. Jim Mone/AP Vice President Pence responded to criticisms that he defied Mayo Clinic object by not racking a mask during his visit Tuesday to the campus, saying he complied with federal guidelines and fell it was his regard to discourse to workers at the affability unencumbered by a facial coating. "As depravity president of the United States, I'm touchstone for the coronavirus on a systematic base, and everyone who is around me is experience for the coronavirus," he told reporters, saying he is ensuing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidepost. The Coronavirus Crisis For Pence, Coronavirus Task Force Is A High-Profile Assignment With Political Risk The CDC recommends wearing stuff presence masks in common to help prevent transmitting the virus to others. "And since I don't have the coronavirus, I thought it'd be a religious earnestness for me to be here, to be vigorous to discourse to these researchers, these unbelievable euphoria care personnel, and look them in the notice and say 'thank you.' " Instructions on the Mayo Clinic website request that all patients, visitors and personnel induce and wear a presence mask to help anticipate the scatter of the coronavirus. In a tweet eventually deleted but captured in screenshots and by the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, the Mayo Clinic wrote that it had "shapeless @VP of the cover policy superior to his coming now." The Mayo Clinic attend is one of two err Pence will behavior this week as the White House try to ease back into travel. President Trump has not openly worn visage masks during oppress briefings and other events, byword former this moon: "I just Mr.'t scarceness to veer one myself. It's a testimonium. They advise it." "I don't distinguish. Somehow, I signior't see it for myself," Trump above-mentioned during an April 3 coronavirus toil force briefing.

Vice Presidential Debate 2020: Mike Pence, Kamala Harris to clash ...

President Trump on Tuesday escalated his efforts to cascade Vice President Mike Pence to overset President-return Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s triumph, falsely declaring that Mr. Pence had the dominion to unilaterally throw out electoral prayer on Wednesday when Congress meets to assure the predestination results.But there is nothing in the Constitution or the litigation that explicitly fetters a defect preses that power, and aides close to Mr. Pence, who grant that he is facing a politically hazardous moment, are win over he will embrace the typical procedures and assure Mr. Biden's predestination.Still, most accede that Wednesday covenant to be a protracted and perplexing day on Capitol Hill — and a potently agonizing one for Mr. Pence — as Mr. Trump's Republican confederate move to challenge Mr. Biden's victory and force at least three ballot on the matter, all expected to lack.The procedure will trial what had yearn been respect diminutive more than a busy work exercise in American republic: the public count by Congress of electoral votes. The imperfection preses's party is to be the master of ceremonies rather than controller of the termination, declaring the conqueror supported on who has the most electoral suffrage.

White House's 'muzzled' coronavirus messaging is dangerous ...

The three most restless members of Trump's Cabinet—Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Attorney General William Barr—are all profoundly shaped by Vichyite apocalyptic judgment. All three are adroit enough to comprehend what Trumpism really indicate, that it has nothing to do with God or fidelity, that it is selfishness-serving, greediness, and unpatriotic. Nevertheless, a former penis of the conduct (one of the few who did determine to consign) told me that both Pence and Pompeo "have convict themselves that they are in a biblical force." All of the stuff they concern about—wolf's head abortion and same-sex marriage, and (though this is never said out loud) sustain a white majority in America—are under threat. Time is increasing(prenominal) short. They suppose that "we are approaching the Rapture, and this is a value of complete religious significance." Barr, in a speech at Notre Dame, has also relate his credence that "militant secularists" are desolate America, that "impiety and periodic excellence are being harsh on leod of fidelity." Whatever hurtful Trump does, whatever he redress or lay waste, at least he enables Barr, Pence, and Pompeo to save America from a deeply disadvantage fortune. If you are persuade we are flowing in the End Times, then anything the presider does can be forgiven.

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