We Have to Live In These Conditions': In Los Angeles, Infected Stuffed Home Desolates

'We Have to Live In These Conditions': In Los Angeles, Infected Stuffed Home Desolates 

Maybe nowhere else in America can any more feel the erratic cost of infection. Rural spread and expressways differentiate the neighborhoods of the rich.

Betty, right, and five different members of her family live in a one-bedroom loft in Los Angeles.Credit ... Karla Gachet for The New York Times 

LOS ANGELES - Betty was the first in her family to be eliminated, early a month ago. To reassure her family, she reassured herself in the room she is giving her grandson. Her little girl left chicken soup and a natural cure of ginger and garlic and rosemary outside her entry.

Yet, spreading was difficult to stop, not with a three-year-old packed into a one-room condo in one of most stuffy Los Angeles networks. The 

Her three-story building is located between Koreatown and the Pico Association, neighborhoods packed with workers stockpiling food and driving transport vehicles and where streets are littered with organizations serving the oppressed - the 99-cent store, considering receiving money Ms. Rivera, 69, said during a new meeting in her living room, the groan of the emergency alarm never seemed silent. Her family fell asleep and where the chimney got stuck with toys. around the loft, already depressed, she said. 

 At the time when Ms.betty acquired Covid, she was safe in the room she passed to her nephew. 

Los Angeles may not be as densely populated as New York, may not have as many tall buildings or skyscrapers or cramped supermarkets, but the county has levels cramped homes are higher - 11%, as indicated by the US Registry - than some other important metropolitan areas in the US.

 Packaged lodges are characterized by having more than one individual per room, no bathroom. In the event that you drive through the vast swath of Los Angeles Province, starting out into the ocean and going east, the emotional footage tells the story of the disparity in accommodation that powers the contagious flood. The .hateaus infection introduced the more humble single-home approach, eventually to the working areas like where Ms.betty, who moved here from El Salvador only about 40 years ago, lived, six fish can be in a small room. In certain territories, like Westlake, where street vendors line the aisles near MacArthur Park, nearly 40 percent of the houses are considered cram. 

 This is Los Angeles, of very large families. intimate, of the streets full of food dealers from Focal America and Mexico, the dwellings of the poor, where the plague had been savagely spread, brought a Passover of the Pandemic, many who believes that Los Angeles - no matter what the famous creative mind Los Angeles, with its spacious houses, rooftop swimming pools and everyone in their cars - somehow or another. Recently, medical clinics have been invaded, and Southern California has become one of the focal points of the country's boom, with worrying daily loss of life. It is clear that these early expectations were misrepresented in a group of people throughout the Los Angeles region, with a population of over 10 million. 

 Perhaps no other place can feel the inconsistent cost of infection so dramatically. In Los Angeles, rural expanses and roads separate the neighborhood of the rich and the poor. 

 In addition, as the infection flows through the densest areas of the city, it still emphasizes the emergencies of financial imbalances and accommodation moderation. The pandemic was one of the most problematic areas in the area that needed to be addressed. 

 This problem is generally noticeable as the number of poor places staying throughout the state is increasing, but it is also covered here and there and is home to a myriad of such individuals packed homes. 

 "I think L. was incredibly helpless and weak from the beginning," said sick Anne Limoan. Communication specialists and teachers at the University of California, Los Angeles General Welfare School. "L.is is really huge and it's amazingly mind boggling. There's a ton of congestion and I feel that's fundamental to considering how the infection spreads."  

Wearing Covers, Even at Home 

 In the midst of drawing cases and passes, Los Angeles pioneers have so recently issued desperate demands for residency .
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