When Joe Biden calls for the unit, the AOC calls for Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to be expelled.

When Joe Biden calls for the unit, the AOC calls for Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz
 to be expelled. Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called on the Senate to hold a vote to expel Republican lawmakers Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz if the upper chamber were to postpone the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump until February .

The New York Democrat told CNN that the Republican couple should be ousted from the Senate for accusing them of supporting the "insurrection" at the Capitol building earlier this month. She also urged her Republican counterparts to ponder "what to do." The former president was charged a second time last week when he was accused of instigating the Capitol attack at a rally with his supporter earlier in the day. Republicans have since asked the Democrats leadership to postpone Trump's trial until mid-February.

If the former president is on trial in the upper chamber, an o-thirds majority will still be required to convict him.

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urged Republicans to consider what they were doing by demanding the delay in impeachment proceedings against Trump. Tom Williams-Pool / AFP via Getty Images

 Ocasio-Cortez suggested delaying the impeachment process against former President Trump: "I would undoubtedly tell my colleagues, especially my Republican colleagues, the underlying lie that led to this uprising support, really advise, really think about what to do to try this. " protect Donald Trump. She added that if Republicans wanted to delay Trump's trial, Democrats would have to propose a vote to expel the Sens. Cruz and Hawley of the upper house for their role in the "Stop the Steal" objections to the presidential election results.

 "If we have time, then we should actually bring justice to the members of Congress ... who also helped support this. insurrection, "said the deputy. “If they don't resign, they should be removed from the Senate. 

 In a statement, Senator Hawley said: "I will never apologize for giving the floor to the millions of Missouri and Americans who are concerned about the integrity of our elections. It's my job and I will continue to do so. "

Newsweek reached out to Sen.Cruz's office for comment on Congressmen's call to overthrow the Capitol on Wednesday. Even high-profile guests at the Inauguration Day ceremony chose to wear purple, a move widely interpreted as a bipartisan unity show, as the key colors of the two main parties, red and blue, combine to create purple . America, Biden said, "To overcome these challenges, to restore the soul and secure America's future, requires much more than words. It requires the most elusive of all things in a democracy: unity. "

" This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge and unity is the way forward, he later added. "And we have to live this moment as the United States of America. If we do, I guarantee you we will not fail. 
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