Who we are: Why did the Trump era end with violence?

Who we are: Why did the Trump era end with violence? This
 The Trump era is beginning to evolve and end with capital buildings and union flags. On July 10, 2015, the brand was completely removed from its former pride headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina. The facts were hailed in the mainstream media as a milestone in America's long battle against racism - ignoring the importance of Donald Trump, who launched a presidential marketing campaign three weeks ago with a pledge to defeat the rapists and send them to Mexico. 

 The American Swastika proudly unveiled at the Washington Capitol on January 6, and the people of Congress - and with the help of Vice President Mike Pence - waved the victory flag - until they unleashed the common will of the people and saved Donald Trump. A mob has implemented the idea that, with the help of most Republican congressmen (a hundred out of 211 homeowners and eight out of 40, 50-three senators), it was confirmed that apart from me, normality should rule America, and that is a possible way of life. That extends to the appearance of our entire United States.

 Any young person in the department can hear the ins and outs of this story: the southern states refused to introduce a modern constitution without vetoing power. The veto took the form of the Senate, the Electoral College and the "Fifth Fifth Compromise" and presented a response to the standard of slavery in the state constitution. Thanks to this victory, something embedded in the very Southern mindset: that place is appropriate for an equal or perhaps influential line in state government, regardless of its population percentage. 

 New year, New administration Sales: 

 5 months and three months of registration North, the following bankruptcy has been registered in the United States: The leaders of Spain demand the creation of new states - and new electoral votes - in the fertile West. This "compromise" in favor of this marketing campaign ensures that the legislature is dominated by the dominated South. Those in the high ages of the 19th century and the conflict that begins that we call the fantasies of our time on January 6, Abraham Lincoln as President With a promise to prevent entry of the new slave states - and so reactionaries start to fight.

 If regulation can make government dishonest, they prefer to run their own government. When politics fails, they pursue the same goal through violence. The horrible persecution against the African-Americans also marked the end of the persecution against whites who voted wrong. May. The card is filled with testimonials from those who agree with what they believe is true for the Republican or Populist Party and as a secret ballot. by crowds or people who are reviewed or blacklisted by their agencies. Real democratic rivalry means that the opposition is likely to win over the nation. It could also undermine the operational manipulation of the well-run Southern Capitol in the 20th century. Since the community is almost undemocratic, members of parliament served forever and pursued senior positions for this. Liberal Reform .

 Trump has emerged as the most notorious snapshot of a loyal capitalist uprising that took place with the Confederate flag in a looted parliament. For example, under Georgia's "county alliance rules", smaller rural counties have been given the same status.  The second law saved a few respondents in the Democratic Party, demanding a majority of two-thirds of the Democratic Party in 1832.
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