Yemen rebels respond to Biden movements, saying the US must stop the war, lift the siege to save lives The Yemeni rebel movement,

Yemen rebels respond to Biden movements, saying the US must stop the war, lift the siege to save lives The Yemeni rebel movement, waging civil war in the beleaguered Arab nation, calls on President Joe Biden to expand efforts, to end him and his new the appointed foreign minister Antony Blinken has announced. A representative of the Zaidi Shiite Muslim movement Ansar Allah, also known as the Houthis, told Newsweek that the new U. administration should pressure regional partners to end the conflict and remove all restrictions on the flow of goods into the country in order to save lives. 

 "The real position with regard to Yemen is to end the war and lift the siege," said Ansar Allah - spokesman Mohammed Abdul Salam told Newsweek. "This will address all negative humanitarian and military effects and allow the Yemeni political process to begin. At its debut press conference on Wednesday, Blinken did not reference any such charges. However, Biden's new top diplomat made two potentially momentous announcements regarding US foreign policy in Yemen. In a series of controversial last-minute foreign policy decisions made by the Trump administration, Blinken said that the labeling of Ansar Allah as a terrorist organization by his predecessor Mike Pompeo was being the issue of sanctions on the Houthis " Blinken said.

 Although Ansar Allah supports Iran, he denies direct links with Tehran. The group was embroiled in nearly six years of civil war with a Saudi Arabia-led, United States-backed coalition and the internationally recognized government-in-exile Ansar Allah captured the Yemeni capital Sanaa in early 2015, an event that made blinking an "act of significant aggression. "designated. He has accused the group of "committing human rights abuses and other atrocities" since then. But Blinken also referred to widespread reports of civilian casualties that occurred as a result of the air campaign launched by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates against Ansar. Allah. Forces allied with the ruling Supreme Political Council, Ansar Allah presides over approximately 80 percent of the population of Yemen, a people already beset by disease and "We have seen a campaign led by Saudi Arabia that has also contributed to what is for many estimate the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today, "Blinken said," and that's saying " A member of the security forces loyal to the Ansar Allah or Houthi movement in Yemen stands on guard as supporters attend a rally denouncing the United States and the decision of the outgoing Trump administration to use the label Applying "terrorist" to the Iranian-oriented movement, capital Sanaa, The group is in conflict with an internationally recognized government-in-exile supported by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. MOHAMMED HUWAIS / AFP / Getty Images These humanitarian problems are likely to worsen as a result of the Trump administration's decision to designate Ansar Allah as " New restrictions would likely block aid to the vast majority of the four fifths of the Yemeni population living in rebel group controlled territory. " We want to make sure that not only our US aid groups can do what we can provide assistance , but so are the aid groups around the world that provide the majority of that assistance, "Blinken said," and to make sure that nothing we're doing interferes with that, particularly if it doesn't do otherwise. advance our policy " Abdul Salam said Ansar Allah could not directly comment on the possible move by the Biden government, but noted that while it would likely make no difference to the conflict itself, it could alleviate its humanitarian impact for which the U.

 is responsible "What we are looking at from the American classification is that there is nothing new at the battlefield level, but that it has a negative impact on humanitarian work and the political process," Abdul Salam told Newsweek. “And here we hold the United States of America fully responsible for this and this effect is known throughout the world. " He argued that the United States could not get rid of its participation in the deadly conflict that has claimed the lives of up to a quarter of a million people. " This result is known to the world, "he said," and the United States cannot defeat it. nor cover it. " But Blinking's second announcement related to Yemen could indeed affect the war itself. The Secretary confirmed reports that the U. had suspended arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to be formed under the previous administration," to make sure we have a full understanding of each commit.
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