Artist Sues 6ix9ine for Allegedly Throwing Bottle at Her

Artist Sues 6ix9ine for Allegedly Throwing Bottle at Her 

6ix9ine is confronting one more claim. 

On Saturday (Feb. 27), TMZ revealed Alexis Salaberrios, an artist at the Gold Rush Cabaret in Miami, is suing the Brooklyn rapper over a container tossing occurrence that brought about her accepting an extreme head wound. As per the claim, documented on Friday (Feb. 26), Salaberrios' legitimate group claims Tekashi was in the club on Feb. 20. He supposedly got infuriated after somebody considered him a rodent and heaved a jug of champagne at his doubters. Rather than hitting his imprint, the suit charges the jug hit Salaberrios in her mind and states Tekashi shot the "dangerous article with purpose to submit genuine real injury." 

The casualty purportedly went to the trauma center with her head wound requiring a few staples. She is suing Tekashi for disturbed battery. As per Tekashi's legal counselor, Lance Lazzaro, his customer is guiltless of any bad behavior. "Nothing happened with him," Lazzaro tells XXL. "There are camcorders in the foundation. It's an endeavor to shake him down. In the event that he is served appropriately, we will promptly move to have it excused." 

The supposed casualty is additionally in part accusing the club. As per records, she is additionally suing the club for net carelessness, guaranteeing they ought to have had greater security close by for a craftsman like 6ix9ine who is known to get in antagonistic circumstances. 

XXL has connected with the Gold Rush Cabaret for input. 

6ix9ine has been hit with numerous claims since he was delivered from jail last April. Last December, casualties of a 2018 burglary sued the rapper asserting he was important for a criminal scheme to have them burglarized. Two months earlier, he was sued by the one who professes to be at the focal point of his 2015 sexual unfortunate behavior case. 

6ix9ine is new off the arrival of his new single, "ZaZa." 

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