Changing a Vehicle Serpentine Belt: Do-It-Yourself Vehicle Serpentine Belt Substitution

Changing a Vehicle Serpentine Belt: Do-It-Yourself Vehicle Serpentine Belt Substitution 

With the correct instruments, changing a drive belt is simpler than you might suspect! 

Presentation Programmed belt tensioners, standard in many vehicles currently, make changing a serpentine belt a straightforward Do-It-Yourself fix. Follow the unmistakable photographs and bit by bit guidelines and you'll be done in a short time. 

In case you're mature enough to recall bygone times when you changed your own fan belts, at that point you can likewise recollect the wounded knuckles and reviling that accompanied it. Furthermore, to exacerbate the situation, there were frequently a few belts to change. 

Presently, rather than independent belts for every segment, most vehicles today utilize a solitary more extensive, multigrooved "serpentine" belt (otherwise known as serp belt), named for the manner in which it snakes around numerous pulleys. 

Serpentine belt substitution is simple since the present programmed drive belt tensioners dispense with the need to release jolts or pry segments into position for retensioning. Simply pivot the tensioner, eliminate the old belt and introduce another one. At the point when the belt ribs are situated into the pulley grooves, discharge the tensioner and you're finished. 

Task 1 by 1 (11) 

display simply a slight vibration with around 1/32 in. or then again less of arm development. Also, the belt should run easily with no noticeable vibration. On the off chance that the tensioner arm shows a jerky vibrating movement, the belt vibrates, or the tensioning arm moves 1/4 in., the tensioner is awful. 

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Stage 2 

Check for smooth pivot with a serpentine belt apparatus 

Snap a since quite a while ago took care of fastener or a serpentine belt instrument into the square 1/2-in.- drive or 3/8-in.- drive opening. Or on the other hand utilize an attachment on the hex-molded projecting nut. Gradually pivot the tensioner arm the extent that it will turn. At that point discharge the strain. Feel for official and squeaking in the two ways. 

Stage 3 

Check the pulley/roller 

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Pivot the tensioner and slide the drive belt off the pulley/roller. At that point turn the pulley/roller and feel for obstruction, official and harshness. At that point turn it and tune in for thundering. On the off chance that it doesn't turn easily or has a harsh surface, supplant it. 

In the event that your tensioner is awful and it's one of the more troublesome styles to supplant, you will not have any desire to burn through your time changing the belt. The shop would simply need to eliminate the belt again to supplant the tensioner. So check the tensioner first with these three tests. 

The main test is a visual investigation with the motor racing to survey the hosing highlight of the tensioner. Pop the hood, turn over the motor and turn on the air conditioner. At that point focus a light on the belt tensioner and notice the tensioner arm. In the event that it breezes through the visual assessment, proceed onward to the "wrench" test  The tensioner arm ought to pivot easily during wrench and delivery with no authoritative. On the off chance that the movement isn't smooth, supplant the whole tensioner. Then, check the state of the tensioner arm pulley/roller. On the off chance that the pulley or roller shows any harshness, official or commotion, that is additionally cause to supplant the whole tensioner. 

A huge number are promptly available and append to the motor with a solitary jolt. To supplant that style, basically eliminate the serp belt and afterward the holding jolt. Pull off the old tensioner, noticing the area of the locking nail to the back. At that point slide the new unit into place, fixing up the locking pin with the opening in the motor. Hand-fix the jolt and afterward fix it with a force wrench to the processing plant determinations appeared in your shop manual. 

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Stage 4 

The most effective method to advise in the event that you need to do serpentine belt substitution 

Measure wear with a check 

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Press the measure into a belt groove. However long the measure sits over the ribs, the belt is acceptable. On the off chance that it slides down so it's even with the rib, the serp belt is worn and should be supplanted. 

Stage 5 

Measure wear with an application 

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Draw a line on the belt ribs with a silver indelible marker. At that point shoot a photograph with your cell phone. The application will advise you if the serp belt is fortunate or unfortunate. 

Original serpentine belts were produced using a nitrile compound that broke with use. In the event that your drive belt has breaks in at least three adjoining ribs inside a 1-in. length, or has at least four breaks for each inch on a solitary rib, it's an ideal opportunity to supplant it. You likewise need another belt in the event that you notice any of these conditions: lumps missing from the rib region, torn or frayed texture, coating on the belt's posterior or trash caught in the ribs. 

Beginning with the 2000 models, carmakers changed from nitrile to ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) belts. EPDM belts last any longer and don't break or lose lumps the manner in which nitrile belts do. In any case, they do wear, and that wear is a lot harder to distinguish. You can quantify EPDM belt wear with a measure or a cell phone application. The two items are accessible for nothing from Doors Corp. (go to and click on one or the other device). 

As a rule, you'll need to utilize the plastic check to quantify your belt, as demonstrated previously. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you have a cell phone and enough moving space to shoot a nearby photograph (motor off), let innovation accomplish the work for you. The application works by examining the width of the ribs contrasted and the width of the notches. 

Continuously purchase premium belts rather than economy grade—you'll get double the mileage. 

Stage 6 

The correct instruments make it a DIY undertaking 

Follow the belt directing chart 

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Look at the decal that shows the belt directing. In the event that yours doesn't have one, draw one preceding you start the work. 

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Stage 8 

Close up of serpentine belt tensioner 

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Turn the tensioner and slide the belt off any smooth pulley. At that point discharge the tensioner and wrap up eliminating the old belt. 

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Stage 9 

Spot the new belt 

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Utilizing the serp belt situation apparatus, course the new belt around the belt way. Pivot the tensioner again while you load the belt around it. Fold the new belt over the driving rod pulley, at that point around the furrowed pulleys. Finish the work by sliding the belt onto an adjusted, non-notched roller. Twofold check to ensure the belt is lined up with all the pulleys and that it follows the right way. Gradually discharge the tensioner. 

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Stage 11 

Serpentine belt instrument and belt position apparatus 

Reasonable claim to fame devices significantly improve changing the serpentine belt. You can supplant a serpentine belt with normal hand instruments. In any case, we don't suggest it. The spaces are regularly close and the belt-driven gadgets hard to reach. Utilizing a serpentine belt device to release the tensioner and a belt situation apparatus to situate the belt, we finished the whole occupation in under 15 minutes, effortlessly (or a knuckle). The serpentine belt device accompanies a variety of attachments, settling on it the ideal decision for all the vehicles in your family. The two expansion bars can be arranged to arrive at the tensioner at the legitimate point, and the extra-long handle gives most extreme influence so you can deliver the pressing factor without any problem. The belt position apparatus permitted us to eliminate and appropriately place the new belt without venturing down into the pulley region. 

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