Clear Shots of 'UFO' Spotted Above Freeway on Outskirts of Los AngelesExclusive

Clear Shots of 'UFO' Spotted Above Freeway on Outskirts of Los Angeles

Alleged UFO Sighting Clear Shots of the 'Mother Ship' ... On Outskirts of L.A.!!!

We were given some other UFO sighting on our fingers right here in L.A., oldsters -- but this one stands by myself, as it offers a few the exceptional clean shots we've got visible of what appears ... Well, you make the decision.

An eyewitness shot these photographs last Saturday at the same time as heading south on the one zero one Freeway, just out of doors of Thousand Oaks as she changed into drawing near Westlake Village round sundown. We're informed she turned into on her cellphone while she saw this aspect hovering inside the sky, flying inside the identical path she was heading ... With a group of lighting trailing in the back of it.

The eyewitness says she shot 3 consecutive pictures as speedy as she could, and as you could see ... The unidentified object seems to have changed positions, each tilting ever so slightly and shifting to a new spot inside the sky. We're told this UFO turned into most effective seen for some seconds, before it actually vanished into skinny air. We understand ... Far-fetched, right?

That's what we thought too -- however we have been assured those pictures are NOT altered, and that they display what they show. We had been skeptical -- wondering those should've been tweaked in Photoshop -- so we had one among our art authorities take a closer look to see what she notion.

Turns out, our own photoshop wiz seems to agree ... Those don't look like fakes.

Our image artist attempted an test with inventory pix of "glowing discs," "UFO's" and "ufo" ... To see if the images may be manipulated in a comparable style because the tipster's pictures. She concluded it'd be tough to reduce/paste those photographs with the precise angles of the tipster's pictures. So, these images do appear to be respectable ... Or at the least, probable now not photoshopped.

We also reverse photo searched these snap shots, BTW, and could not tune down ANY that have been precisely the equal -- so again, it lends credence to the idea these had been taken on the spot, without being doctored after the truth.

So, in which does that lead us ultimately??? Welp, relies upon on what you need to accept as true with. On its face, this seems to be a immediately-up UFO sighting. IF this is in truth the case -- who woulda concept Hollywood had it right all alongside in its depictions?!?

This thing looks as if it's immediately out of "Independence Day" or 'Close Encounters' -- way to play into stereotypes, aliens. Not very revolutionary!!!
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