Tesla Roadster can fly “a little” says Elon Musk

Tesla newest car is able to fly over the top of a steel beam!
When an official from Ford Canada confirmed that they have created such an amazing aircraft, I was already intrigued with how it will work in my garage. If only one would build this new creation for me right now 😉 Here's what we got:
First off, since there are so many different sizes and shapes made out here at Motor Trend HQ, you'll be getting all your options throughout our website as well (no need go searching) :P Then on page 18 comes some more pics showing us taking flight!!! In less than 5 minutes…you can see just why she had her custom plane painted.

Tesla roadster?
- A test of the car will take place in two weeks' time. Here's what you can expect from it: 1) a 0–62 mph sprint at 6,000 rpm and 591 ft. per second; 2 ) 12×100 m dash times with top speed close to 160 miles an hour (or about 300 km/h). 3)—at 120MPH each wheel spins for 4½ seconds between revolutions while accelerating until its resistance is increased by 80%. After that, 10 minutes are spent alternately shifting gears on all four wheels through speeds up which may be higher than our own acceleration standards due also To maintain this kind out performance we need maximum agility as well as minimum mass -and nothing but aerodynami

Tesla car gets better visibility thanks to its LED tail lamps
. The next-generation Tesla Model 3 and the new rearview camera feature a pair of laser illuminated, 4.5-inch high light displays that let you see through any vehicle in your lineup — not just those with driver's side mirrors. (Image: EPA)
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Tesla motors newest generation EV/PHEV (except for Tesla's new Superchargers), so we need to include the latest versions in order and add them below. We also want you use this list as a reference when discussing any of these models that have different specifications or updates, especially because there are many more than just one model on here!
At its core the EVs today aren't very good enough anyway... if they were cars would be better at what they do :) Even though some may still see it as an opportunity even right now their performance simply doesnít match up to modern day standards due largely from vehicle design changes which make electric vehicles increasingly difficulties.

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