The Secrets of Happiness Around the World With the 2021 Tribute

The Secrets of Happiness Around the World
With the 2021 Tribute, the pursuit of happiness seemed more challenging than ever, but we learned that everyone can relate to isolation and dark days. How each of us finds happiness is a different story. proposes the Atlas of Happiness: The Global Secrets of Happiness, in which Helen Russell shares the happiness of 30 countries. Our list below highlights some of our favorite cultural concepts from the book, as well as some additions to Inner Grit - or Sisu, used by the Finns to survive the darkness of the Arctic - to encompass the fleeting, imperfect moments of life according to the Japanese concept of wabi -Sabi to grasp, here are the secrets to being happy all over the world.

The Finns thrive in a unique way in the long, dark winter in the Arctic by channeling their inner grain, or Sisu, that manifested by embracing their extreme weather - cycling in the snow or even ice swimming soaking in saunas - the national pastime of the "happiest country in the world" three years in a row, according to the United States - also has something to do with their inner luster, too tun.

Friluftsliv means technical "free air" "life" but its connotation extends to realizing the power of nature to rise. Norwegians place great value on spending time in nature to feel good mentally and physically, which may explain why the country ranks high in the happiest places in the world .

 imperfection, impermanence and Incompleteness is the meaning of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. In this traditionally Buddhist country, embracing the transience of life and embracing things in their most natural state leads to fulfillment, like appreciating the beauty of chipped pottery, an aged face, or fleeting cherry blossoms. almost extreme possibilities is the meaning behind the Russian concept of azart. Invite the zeal of the Russians to take life by the horns and survive whatever comes their way. A time-honored practice of azart? Turks appreciate taking time every day to savor the simple moments in life. From enjoying meze with friends or strolling through the Bosphorus, keyif, the search for a moment of idle pleasure, it is happiness made easy. that once was or will never happen again, saudade is recognized in the literature and music of Brazil, Portugal and Cape Verde. Portuguese writer Manuel de Melo describes the concept as "a pleasure that is suffered, an ailment that is enjoyed. "

 Embrace Niksen's Dutch concept - or the art of not doing anything - to reduce fears, bring creativity to the surface and increase your productivity .

Meraki in all Greek appliances who fill you with joy? Meraki or simply the work of love is the concept that directs your undivided attention to a task, especially a creative or artistic one - such as cooking - you will forget about multitasking and put some soul into it. 

From a word used by Bantu across Africa, this humanitarian goal was claimed by the South African people. Barack Obama, the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, said Ubuntu described its greatest gift, "that there is a unity to humani ty ; that we reach ourselves by taking care of our fellow human beings. 
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