Twitter reacts to 6ix9ine's new tattoos and beard growth – rapper makes Instagram bounce back!

Twitter reacts to 6ix9ine's new tattoos and beard growth – rapper makes Instagram bounce back! 

Tekashi 6ix9ine has made a bounce back through online media showing up new tattoos, a beard development and pushing new music. Here's the way Twitter customers reacted! 

The American rapper 6ix9ine had made his bounce back by means of online media resulting to being absent for a serious long time, since the time September 2020. 

The rapper's benefits online are reliably unconventional, and this one is no uncommon case. 

His latest Instagram post has in excess of 13 million viewpoints in less than 24 hours, and 6ix9ine gives off an impression of being one of a kind since the last time we saw him. 

6ix9ine's new tattoos and beard growth 

On February fourth, 2021, Tekashi 6ix9ine posted a video of himself in the studio rapping one of his yet unreleased songs and announcing the world that he is back. 

This substance couldn't be stacked 

What got the eye of the world was Tekashi's appearance; full-body tattoos and a beard development are obviously the rapper's new look. 

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6ix9ine's entire chest and back is as of now solicited in tattoos, while he has moreover grown a beard development and shed pounds. 

He engraved the video: "I took adequate vacation to show you this web sh*t is debilitating without me" and the taunting reactions on Twitter are mushrooming. 

Twitter reacts to 6ix9ine's bounce back 

In the wake of seeing Tekashi's video on Instagram, Twitter customers hadn't the foggiest what to savage first; the distinctive new 69 tattoos, the beard or the way that the rapper acknowledges the web is debilitating without him? 

Some communicated: "in case you find 6ix9ine charming, search for help," "6ix9ine's new tattoos appear to be like a shower painted square divider ineffectually power washed by then repainted twice or on numerous occasions," while another tweeted: "I can't focus on 6ix9ine with them rainbow run my little pony tattoos and extensions." 

The savaging continued with pictures and 6ix9ine is at present proceeding onward the stage. 

Here are some ridiculing reactions to Tekashi 6ix9ine's bounce back. 


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