Cyber Attack Tied to China Boosts Development Bank's Chief

Cyber Attack Tied to China Boosts Development Bank's Chief

In the same speech in Phnom Penh, the prime minister vowed to pass laws preventing dual nationals from holding political office, a move targeting Rainsy for his French citizenship.

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"The argument that an underfunded bank is an opportunity for China is very compelling," said Dan Restrepo, who served in the same National Security Council role as Claver-Carone during the Obama administration. Malaysian bauxite exports were up 1,100 percent in 2014 following Indonesia's export ban to protect its local aluminum industry. The number of visitors to Brunei dropped to just over 78,000 in 2014, down from nearly 86,000 the previous year. When it comes to the healthcare sector, investing in innovation comes with risk. The sector and related fields accounts for 7.6 percent of total employment, or some 15,500 jobs. Tourism, which made up 1.5 percent of Brunei's gross domestic product in 2014, is seen as a potential growth area that could help diversify Brunei's oil-dependent economy. In the technology sector, smaller companies have a reputation for being more flexible. Prime Minister Hun Sen on December 28 declared that he would sooner "cut off right arm" than request a royal pardon for exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy. Indonesia deployed 150,000 security personnel to protect churches, airports, and other public places over the Christmas and New Year holidays after receiving credible threats of planned attacks.

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New ministry aims to strengthen tourism sector. "But it doesn't answer how you adequately fund the bank and with what leadership."

StoryfulImpressive 7-Year-Old Expertly Dribbles Basketballs While Riding HoverboardA seven-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, decided to take his basketball practice up a level when he introduced a hoverboard into the mix on March 18.Footage by Jaclyn Vozniak shows her basketball-obsessed son Zeke dribbling two basketballs with ease as he expertly zips around on the hoverboard."He gets on the hoverboard and wants to challenge himself so he incorporates his favorite thing to do around the house which is dribbling a basketball or two," Vozniak told Storyful."Obviously he has had practice with his basketball handles and the hoverboard before putting the two talent together," she said. Brunei's Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, created in October 2015, has been tasked with devising new ways to attract visitors. The waters of Sungai Balok in the eastern state of Kuantan ran red the week before New Year, with officials blaming excess waste water from nearby bauxite mines. Malaysia is now the number one supplier of bauxite to China.


Indonesian police arrest 11 suspects in counterterror sweeps. Indonesian police arrested nine suspects in counterterror operations across Java on December 19-20 and two more on December 24. Rainsy fled to France in November 2015, following an arrest warrant on defamation charges from 2011. "As long as the need for financing remains high, countries will keep turning to China because that's where the money is.". Credit: Jaclyn Vozniak via Storyful

"Sidelining China may end up limiting China's willingness to keep playing an active role, which would not be popular in the region," said Ray. Cabinet sources say a temporary halt is being considered until appropriate regulations, licensing, and environmental protection are established. But in healthcare, it's often the opposite, as small companies tend to have all their eggs in one basket, like a leading therapy program.

Bauxite mining moratorium urged following red river water in Kuantan. Those arrested included four men with links to the Southeast Asian extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah and seven connected to the Islamic State, including an ethnic Uighur from China who police say was planning a suicide bombing. A $150 million revamp of Brunei's airport was scheduled for completion at the end of 2015 to support the tourism push.

Hun Sen pledges "no pardon" for Rainsy, will pass law against dual nationals.

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