Did Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield see a UFO? He suspects as much

Did Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield see a UFO? He suspects as much 

Add Baker Mayfield to the rundown of adherents who guarantee to have seen a UFO. 

The Cleveland Browns' quarterback is unquestionably not the only one. A week ago, an American Airlines pilot professed to have seen a unidentified flying item in the skies over Arizona, and on Dec. 29, a blue UFO apparently was seen over Hawaii. A year ago, the Pentagon declassified film shot by a Navy pilot that implies to show what they called "unexplained airborne wonders." 

In 218 BCE, Roman antiquarian Livy asserted in his book "Abdominal muscle Urbe Condita" that "ghost ships had been seen shining in the sky." 

In this way, definitely, people have been guaranteeing UFO sightings for a long while. Mayfield's locating Wednesday night is only the most recent. 

Practically 100%, Em and I just saw a UFO dump straight out of the sky on our path home from supper... we halted and took a gander at one another and inquired as to whether both of us saw it... Exceptionally splendid chunk of light going straight down out of the sky towards Lake Travis. Any other individual observer this?— Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield) March 4, 2021 

Keep in mind, the fact of the matter is out there.
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