Germany looks set to extend lockdown measures again

Germany looks set to extend lockdown measures again

Mr. Merkel, who has overseen a broad set of stimulus measures to support struggling businesses and workers, said the government would compensate small- and medium-sized businesses affected by closures for up to 75 percent of losses.The measures aim to ease the strain on the country's hospitals, where the number of patients has doubled in just 10 days, and halt the rapid spread of the virus before the coming holidays, without bringing the economy to a complete standstill.Ms. Merkel acknowledged that introducing new measures two weeks earlier would have helped, but the political acceptance for such a move wasn't there. Instead, intensive care units continue to be swamped and the death roll rises," Söder said in comments translated by Reuters. Macron stressed that much of Europe faced a similar situation, "overwhelmed by a second wave that we now know will probably be harder and more deadly than the first."

Schwesig said her own state's rate, currently hovering around 46 cases per 100,000 for the previous week, would not yet qualify in her mind to ease restrictions as it was so close to the threshold. In November, the reported R-values have been fluctuating around 1. This means that, on average, each person infected with SARS-CoV-2 infects another person. As the number of infected persons is currently very high in Germany, this means that there is still a high number of new cases every day."

France's intensive-care unit beds were half-full, and modeling of the virus's spread indicated that the country's health care system was two weeks away from reaching the same number of hospitalizations as the peak of the first wave. Most of the recent restrictions announced in European countries have been put in place for about one month, which scientists and policymakers believe can act as a "circuit breaker."

Ms. 1, while in Germany, the new measures will close restaurants, bars, gyms and cultural spaces like theaters for one month, but exempt schools and shops.

Germany looks set to extend lockdown measures again | World News ...

Europe accounts for 50% of the global tourism market in terms of arrivals and has been particularly hard hit by the restrictions. "There will be an extension," Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said, speaking to German media outlet Bild.Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to meet state leaders on Wednesday to decide whether to extend the lockdown, which has seen hospitality venues close, beyond Dec. 2 and due to last a month, might need to be extended. Merkel, who has overseen a broad set of stimulus measures to support struggling businesses and workers, said the government would compensate small- and medium-sized businesses affected by closures for up to 75 percent of losses.

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Officials also face the question of what to do about Easter holidays. Now, it looks like that number will be reached in November."Within weeks we will reach the limits of our health system," Ms. It has been mooted that restrictions should be extended for several weeks before being lifted ahead of the Christmas holidays.Markus Söder, Bavaria's chief minister and leader of the CDU's sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), told Bild on Sunday that restaurants, hotels and cinemas should remain closed until December 20, and that there should be a ban on fireworks and alcohol in public squares on New Year's Eve."The wave has been broken, but unfortunately the number of new infections is not coming down. Restaurants, bars and many leisure facilities in Germany have been shut since early November, and hotels closed for tourists.

Germany looks set to extend lockdown measures again

Spahn believed it would take less than a year to mass vaccinate in Germany, telling RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland on Sunday that, "from today's perspective, there is a well-founded hope that the Dessau IDT could also obtain approval for a vaccine in 2021. It is very encouraging and can also make us proud that after BioNTech and Curevac, the third German vaccine project is on a promising path."

Germany could be preparing to extend its current lockdown into December as the number of coronavirus infections remains high across the country.Yet Berlin is hopeful a coronavirus vaccine can soon be rolled out with the country's health minister expressing optimism that "the pandemic will lose its horror in a few months."Officials said Sunday the restrictions, imposed on Nov. Normally crowded cities such as Venice, Rome, Paris and Barcelona have stood empty.

But this second wave differs from the first in significant ways. It's a scenario similarly touted in Italy – one of the countries hit hardest by the virus – where Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said that a "return to normalcy" will have to be achieved "gradually". 

"The proportion of Covid-19 cases in older age groups is currently increasing. She said a number nearer 35 might be appropriate.

The pandemic surge and new lockdowns battered stock markets in Europe, as in the United States, with major indexes down about 3 percent Wednesday.Starting Friday, France will go into a nationwide lockdown with just schools and essential businesses staying open until Dec. Merkel was laughed at when she predicted last month that if people didn't change their behavior, the country would face 19,000 infections per day by Christmas. "Look at the protests and the lack of understanding that is out there," she said. Unlike springtime lockdowns, the new raft of measures will not be open-ended. 2. "Therefore we cannot give the all-clear."

The new measures followed on the heels of severe new restrictions in other European countries, from Belgium to Italy to the Czech Republic. While they mostly fell short of the total lockdowns of the spring — a "lockdown lite," the Germans called it — they raised the specter of a dark winter of relative confinement, leaving leaders in Paris and Berlin pleading with their frustrated publics to follow the new rules.

The prime minister cited the possibility of easing lockdown measures on a region-by-region basis and "subject to a new testing policy – depending, possibly, on age and other factors". "We will have to be prepared to defend these measures, even in the courts."

Ms. Merkel said at a news conference, after agreeing with Germany's 16 governors on the nationwide measures."The selection was carefully made, knowing that it will be hard and knowing that many people have developed ways to stay safe and acted responsibly," she said. "But deciding how to reduce the number of contacts, without affecting the economy and schools, we made these decisions and think they are reasonable and politically acceptable."As the chancellor held a video meeting with the governors on Wednesday, several thousand people employed in the entertainment business marched through the heart of Berlin, decrying the measures that have left them out of work since early March.More people have been protesting against restrictions, and Ms.

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