Google AI is spying on you

What you do think about AI spying on you for what you search and what you doing in your own android phone welcome to Google's futures in AI or Ai clawers... 

Two type of Ai create base scripts

1.. The first one which is well know for being the base center of Goolge voice search

2. The 2 Ai is know for running thru ads collecting data which is  being sold for profit.

What are some great andriod security app enscrip well up this point there not much security to block google AI  turn off your phone... Or you need rooted device and only thing  the can protect you and  help to stay protect on your phone.

How can you root your device?

 Well there a few rooting phone apps but first you must unlock your bootloader the (emulor ) them is much easy to install root apps with root apk or easy to install cmd windows commands from root apk.

Other things you can do with root phone is build your own rom with your own security
Also some people have report building a Ai
With linux base servers.

You will be shocked to understand what all data of yours gets followed by Google. Toward the finish of this article you won't just understand what Google is following, however the approaches to cause Google to try not to do it. This way you can make the most of your Web search all the more viably. Allow us to examine what all are the techniques for evading Google from following. 

Erase Location History 

In the event that you are utilizing Google Maps from your Android cell phone, your Location is followed by Google. As Google Maps is a standout amongst other navigational guides so heaps of clients like to share their data. However, you can turn it off so that Google can't follow your area further. As a matter of course Google keeps ON this following of the client. 

For Android clients, in the event that you need to turn it off, you can follow these means: 

Go to alternatives and access Settings 

Select the Google Location Settings 

In the Location administrations, select Google Location Reporting 

You should now flip it OFF 

Return and select Location History and turn in OFF 

This setting is as of now accessible on the gadgets having Android 4.1 and higher. Shockingly this setting isn't accessible on Nexus gadgets which are running on Android 4.4. By this way you can prevent Google from following your area. 

Cripple Tracking 

Subsequent to marking in to any help or result of Google it tracks you any place you go. Indeed, even it knows which sites you visited and what all are you searching for. This is a pivotal information for large numbers of the clients. The most exceedingly terrible part is that Google doesn't take any consent of the client, they of course track everything. 

So to stop this, there is a basic methodology, which will assist you with securing your protection. 

Visit Google's Advertisement Settings, sign in. 

This page has all the subtleties as in assessment of your sexual orientation, age, your inclinations and language you talk. Look Down and click on Opt-out settings and do click Opt-out from both the segments. One it is done you can see that the information appeared above will be supplanted by N/A 

After this the time has come to eliminate the Google's publicizing treat which is as yet following you. Go to Google's Advertising Cookie Opt-out Page at that point click on Download the quit module. This module is accessible for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

When you download and initiate this module then your following of perusing action will be halted.


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