Microsoft hack: White House warns of 'active threat' of email attack

Microsoft hack: White House warns of 'active threat' of email attack

Our modern access security is designed to safeguard all users, devices, and applications - so you can stay focused on what you do best.Proactively reduce the risk of a data breach, verify users' identities, gain visibility into every device and enforce polices to secure access to every application. "Everyone running these servers — government, private sector, academia — needs to act now to patch them."

Microsoft disclosed this week that it had become aware of several vulnerabilities in its server software being exploited by suspected Chinese hackers. As of September 30th, 1999, the library includes: 1)over 31,000 full-text articles from ACM journals, magazines, and conference proceedings 2) tables of Contents with over 7,000 citations from articles published in ACM journals and magazines from 1985 forward 3) tables of contents with nearly 35,000 citations from articles published in over 700 volumes of conference proceedings since 1985. While full-text is available for most articles, full-text is not yet available for every proceeding article published before 1991. While the campaign did not confirm the company's reporting, it has taken issue with the director of national intelligence's assessment, issued several weeks ago, that Chinese leaders prefer Mr. Trump.

Data from other security companies suggest that the scope of the attacks may not end up being quite that bad. In the past, Microsoft said, the hacker group responsible -- which Microsoft is calling Hafnium -- has gone after "infectious disease researchers, law firms, higher education institutions, defense contractors, policy think tanks, and NGOs." The group in question had not been previously identified to the public, according to Microsoft.

Active threat' after Microsoft hack -White House

Microsoft Exchange is considered a high-value target for hackers looking to penetrate business networks, as it is email server software, and, according to Microsoft, it provides "a unique environment that could allow attackers to perform various tasks using the same built-in tools or scripts that admins use for maintenance."[17] In the past, Microsoft Exchange has been attacked by multiple nation-state groups.[18][19]

Includes bibliographic information, abstracts, reviews, and the full-text for articles published in ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) periodicals and proceedings since 1985. The administration is concerned there as a "large number of victims," she added.

White House warns of 'active threat' from Microsoft email hackers ...

"This is an active threat," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday. All publications cover topics in the computing field including computer science, computer technology, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, network technologies, business trends, computing standardization, the IT profession, programming languages, operating systems, distributed systems, data management, CAD, and systems security. hacking unit — alternatively known as Fancy Bear, APT 28 or Strontium to different industry researchers — has been aggressively hacking the personal email accounts of American politicians, campaigns staff members and consultants on both sides of the aisle.

The Microsoft investigation also concluded that hackers related to Russia's G.R.U., the military intelligence unit that oversaw the "hack and leak" efforts in 2016 that made emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign public, were going to new lengths to hide their tracks. In light of the recent developments around Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to share with you the measures we are taking to ensure service continuity.

The attack was discovered after attackers were discovered downloading all emails belonging to specific users on separate corporate Exchange servers.[33] An undisclosed Washington think tank reported attackers sending convincing emails to contacts in a social engineering attack that encouraged recipients to click on a link.[40] On 11 March 2021, Norway's parliament, the Storting, reported being a victim of the hack, stating that "data has been extracted."[46]

"We urge network operators to take it very seriously," Psaki said of the directive. Researchers from Huntress examined about 3,000 vulnerable servers on its partners' networks and found about 350 infections -- or just over 10%.While the SolarWinds hackers infected organizations of all sizes, many of the latest batch of victims are small-to medium-sized business and local government agencies. They are routing some of the attacks through Tor, a service that conceals the attackers' whereabouts and identity, which slowed the effort to identify the hackers.

Be a global citizen. Biden over Mr. Analysts at two security firms reported they had begun to see evidence that attackers were preparing to run cryptomining software on the servers.[22]

Microsoft's researchers concluded that the G.R.U. Give your organization the peace-of-mind that only complete device visibility can bring. At Duo, it's our mission to make application access more secure for organization's of all sizes. Gain a global perspective on the US and go beyond with curated news and analysis from 600 journalists in 50+ countries covering politics, business, innovation, trends and more.

We know your business depends on the ability of Midland Computers to provide reliable, prompt service. Organizations that could be most impacted are those that have an email server that's running the vulnerable software and exposed directly to the internet, a risky setup that larger ones usually avoid.

Sponsored by Duo SecurityAppsec: don't work from home without it.While remote work has been on the rise for years now, the recent rapid expansion of work-from-home culture presents new security challenges. Hackers have exploited the vulnerabilities to spy on a wide range of targets, affecting an estimated 250,000 servers.[11][39] Tom Burt, Microsoft's vice president for Customer Security & Trust, wrote that targets had included disease researchers, law offices, universities, defence contractors, non-governmental organisations and think tanks.[27][9][40]

The Biden campaign said that it was "aware of reports from Microsoft that a foreign actor has made unsuccessful attempts to access the noncampaign email accounts of individuals affiliated with the campaign," and that it was preparing for the inevitable onslaught of attacks in the coming weeks. Become an FT Subscriber. Learn more.

On 2 March 2021, another cybersecurity company, ESET, wrote that they were observing multiple attackers besides Hafnium exploiting the vulnerabilities.[4] Wired reported on 10 March that now that the vulnerability had been patched, many more attackers were going to reverse engineer the fix to exploit still-vulnerable servers. Visit to sign-up for a free 30 day trial.

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