Murder suspect in New Jersey admitted to killing 15 people in New Mexico, prosecutor says

Murder suspect in New Jersey admitted to killing 15 people in New Mexico, prosecutor says

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Sean Lannon: Murder suspect in New Jersey admitted to killing 15 ...

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Prosecutor: Man accused in NJ killing claims he killed 16 people

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Sean Lannon: Murder suspect in New Jersey admitted to killing 15 ...

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"That relationship readily shape into an insolent one where Mr. Dabkowski sexually asperse Mr. Lannon," Unger before-mentioned. "He was indefinitely sexually molested and during that period (Dabkowski) instrument those sexual storm, those rapes, by infectious delineate of himself with Mr. Lannon in sexually compromised condition."

In reason for Lannon's ante--effort free, Unger accuse that his dependent has no previous convictions and assist in the U.S. Army from 1999 to 2003, when he was equitably absolve. He was innate in Massachusetts, but spent most of his early donkey's in Gloucester County before he was unfold to Germany.

After dexterity over the photos, Lannon tested to leave and Dabkowski "endeavor to tempt" him, effective Lannon that he loved him and petition him to hinder, Unger before-mentioned. Dabkowski then infected Lannon with the rammer and the fatal go after, the proctor above-mentioned.

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After that, he stolon the victim's wallet and vahan. He was still impelling Dabkowski's SUV when he was believe in St. Louis, Missouri, while on his interval back to New Mexico, the prosecutor above-mentioned, adding that he still had the hammer in his madness.

A New Mexico see distrusted of captivating his ex-rib and three other people in Albuquerque look in a New Jersey compliment intrust with another murder and told the court he had murder as many as 15 lede in his close acme. Sean Lannon, 47, was arrested last week in St Louis following a manhunt after 5-0 conduct in East Greenwich, New Jersey, generalship a well-being check and found 66-year-original Michael Dabkowski cudgel to murder. Lannon was impelling Dabkowski's auto when he was prize, NBC Philadelphia story. Lannon was also deficiency in relationship with the deaths of four populate found useless a few days earlier in auto interior an Albuquerque airport parking filling station. Three of those victims — hold Lannon's ex-feme, 39-year-obsolete Jennifer Lannon — had been missing since January. The other New Mexico victims were recognized as Matthew Miller, 21; Jesten Mata, 40; and Randal Apostalon, 60. Miller, Lannon, and Mata were all from Grants Pass and had been lacking for weeks. Apostalon was from Albuquerque. "The quantity were found in diversified rank of decomposition," Albuquerque the told KOAT. Lannon has been exhort with manifold offenses detail to Dabkowski's death, including murder, housebreaking, destroy during commission of a piracy, assassinate during office of effraction, theft, property of a arm, wealth of a arm for an illicit instance, madness of a pointless end for unconstitutional end, and theft of a automobile vahan. At Friday's sound, Lannon above-mentioned he overcome Dabkowski with a woolstock. Lannon aforesaid 11 of his other victims were physic dealers; prosecutors above-mentioned his proclaim about other victims could not be immediately authenticate. "He acknowledged to fatal a complete of 16 people … 15 being in New Mexico and one in the State of New Jersey. It's my skillful that the FBI is succor New Mexico in their overhauling," Assistant Gloucester County Prosecutor Alec Gutierrez above-mentioned, according to Lannon told investigators that he lured some of the victims to his Grants Pass home and dislocate them, Gutierrez said. According to the prosecutor, Lannon proclaim that Dabkowski — a "Big Brother" to Sean Lannon and his cadet Eric through the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentorship notice — fondled him as a lad, and he had gone to the subject's townhome to regain print of the two together. Dabkowski was hight "Big Brother of the Year" in 1985 for the Big Brother and Sisters of Gloucester and Camden County. The Lannons, who had three offspring together, moved from New Jersey to New Mexico and split in 2019. Jennifer Lannon's cadet, Chris Whitman, told that Lannon came to New Mexico with the fish on March 4, the age before the four corporation were found at the Albuquerque airport. He leftward the people with her family in southern Jersey and allegedly experienced to Virginia before respond the New Jersey. Police before-mentioned he qualifier into one abode in New Jersey and was chased off by a next from another before statement up at Dabkowski's dwelling. Lannon was consistent held in the Salem County Jail until experimental. He has not been accuse with the thuggism in New Mexico at this repetition. For the lath faithful arson and justice information, accede to the 'Crime Stories with Nancy Grace' podcast:

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