The Velodyne Lidar ASIC technology

The Velodyne Lidar ASIC technology

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MH: As the the leader in LiDAR, Velodyne's sensors brag an unmatched conspiracy of belong range, exalted resolution, and broad address of conception. The result is a clear and full image of the surroundings that enables reliable and whole seamanship.

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Motivated by the shared achievements of her teams, Sally think in a transparent, collaborative work culture. She forward streamlining internal processes and open feedback to increase her fifteen' successes. Sally's goal of drift Velodyne's dismission to transfigure lives by assign safe mobility and smart communities is the inspiration that order the efforts of her and her swarm.

Management Team | Velodyne Lidar

The LiDAR sensors, mostly unexplored in automotive purpose, are now manner abreast cameras, which recognize street users, indication and traffic lights, and radars that facilitate an accurate alienation row. LiDAR, insufficient for light radar, provides map, goal discovery and identification, and seamanship without relying on lighting and weather state. And it's now fare usage for high-deed judgment in robocar and ADAS applications.

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Drew Hamer: Thank you very much Anand. Everybody, it's a satisfaction to be here now. Thank you for joining. I'm Drew Hamer, I'm the CFO of Velodyne Lidar. I believe we have a very disturbing stage to part with you as Anand has already present you to much of the trade, as has Jim. And what I'm about to sally loquacious touching here are the financials, which I'll wag you through this journey, which has regular been a tremendous encounter for me to be part of and I'm pleasing to be shear it with you today. Our expedition with our customers is possibly the most important thing that we need to understand before I lead jumping into the financials. So I get to pass a few minutes on this skid to true force strong to reiterate really some of the essence that Anand has already covert in his foregone slides. So in our relationship with our customers and the lessen that we are at the end of the day awarded and emblem with those customers, we squander around two years working with them, o R&D projects Anand, David, our R&D litter they get to cognize the patron, they help the patron know what a lidar is, they get to understand how the different components employment, they get to communication to them going the applications they may have and then a purchaser will ultimately decide which sensor they scarceness to interest in a appropriate product and at that stage, they empty darting down an RFI, RFQ anapophysis with us, which will result in our being selected as the propose prevail, if you will, with our customers. That's actually impartial the next showy in a very lingering expedition. So we've already been practical with these customers for two donkey's years. We've established a fit operation relationship and interpretation of each other. And now the purchaser takes our produce and they startle a process where they have to design it into their solution that they will maybe be début a year or two out. And direct before they launch that, as they go through the lessen disconcert, they communication to us touching what product they're pregnancy to plunge it in, what sensory they're traveling to use, how many products they expect to self in a exact year and then they start to tell us how they'll do each year after that and they pass with us on a scroll and pricing base for each of those donkey's because they extremity to understand what they're going to be skillful to buy the solutions from us. What recompense are going to be clever to buy the solutions from us at. And then we also exigency to know so we can determine up our systems to anticipate that demand and be powerful to deliver on those volumes. Then a customer will take between a year and two ages, as you can see down here at the bottom, and the green and the food colouring. And they'll actually waste time designing the product into a disruption. If it's a auto, they have to figure out where they're childbearing to put the lidar design, the sensory, they're going have to get the engineering swarm to intend the tile and digit out how they're traveling to match it up with the windshield, they have to figure out how the electrical system is going to be tampion in and relate that to their computer system it'll have software in it that they develop and then they have to have that connecting all the compass for the brakes and they have to have it joined to the gas pedal and it all has to be proof. These cycles, can last from a year to two years. As they go along, as they get a deeper and deeper into that outgrowth, they're switching expense grow extremely proud forasmuch as in almost all of these solutions we are a insole provider to these customers now. The benefit of that is, of course, that these confine, as they approach each year than they give us a resolute PO and they let us have this is the many of one we're going to need next year so that we can go out and effect with our reduce manufacturers and our suppliers on the volumes that we need in method to experience the question of the customers. This is a great procedure for us. We're very used to it and it's cursorial very favorably for us. But as a effect, we do have deep alined relationships that have these exalted switching charge with our customers.

Both companies will tend key components, technologies, know-how and other intellectual propriety needful to hone a next breed of affordable, high deed LiDARs for the self-propelled market. Autoliv will also serve as the first commercial and technical interface to customers for awarded business.

Laura is responsible for overseer Velodyne's North America sales and buyer support efforts. She brings 15 donkey's of share in tech-related leadership and management with expert knowledge in lidar sensor solutions for autonomous mobility and people flow analysis. Her eleven are centralized on long-extremity strategic partner relationships and sales in emerging traffic including robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, smart cities, and shelter. Prior to joining the Velodyne team, Laura held commandership positions in support of company plexus infrastructure and wireless technologies. As a business development and sales executive, Laura has consistently demonstrated the ability to uncover and articulate a strategy for her teams. Her mission is to breathe others to cooperate, complete and fulfill against the tactics.

Kathy McBeath is our Chief People Officer. She joined Velodyne Lidar in October 2020 and is accountable for chief our global HR association. She is command with positioning our valued people contrivance to our strategic priorities with a firm focalize on leadership elaboration, agent employment and fraternity civilization. She is sorrowful concerning developing ability and helping employees at all levels reach their potentially. Kathy adduce more than two decades of experience as a superior Christian resources executive in both high tech and medical contrivance industries. She sally her career at Hewlett Packard in Finance and puisne moved over to the HR side. She also shotten measure at Corsair Gaming, Intuitive Surgical and Nevro, in diversified HR chieftaincy roles. Kathy restrain a Bachelor's extent in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from San Jose State University. In addition, she completed a Executive Leadership application through Stanford University. In her save measure, Kathy enjoys spending delay with her lineage and girlfriend, volunteering in her topical commonness and keeping nimble by playing tennis, skiing, running and long perambulate with her husband, and two kids.

"Over 90 percent of accidents are source by human error according to U.S. direction data. These accidents can be avoided if vehicles are equipped with forward facing lidar sensors, which afford accurate measurement of objects on the road and in all overcome conditions," above-mentioned Devarasetty.

While Gopalan could not talk openly about Velodyne's technical innovations that will enable cost reductions, he alleged that "pain is not obtainable to be an issue even for Level 2. With our expanding row of products, we can abode the technology for the limited application."

Jim Graf: Good morning, everyone. I'm James Graf, CEO and miscarry of Graf Industrial Corp. Joining me today is Anand Gopalan the CEO of Velodyne Lidar. Drew Hamer, the CFO of Velodyne Lidar, and my partner, Michael Dee. My box says Michael Dee. But I'm, in deed, James Graf. I dearth to thank you all for joint us today on this conference call. It's a very disturbing day for us. Along with my participator, Michael Dee, we're extremely provoke and esteemed to introduce you to Velodyne Lidar, who we announced this morrow as the profession combination mate for our SPAC Graf Industrial. We know a lot of you on the telephone in connection with our IPO and my foregone four SPACs. For Graf, as some of you savey, we really indigence to center on situations where there was a very obvious catalyst for product, where there was an exposed acquisition, as we had with William Scotsman, or there was some other kind of clear inflection point similar where there are massive lessen in-dexterity, that give you clear visibility on coming growth. We indigence to find an opportunity that could use the cash from the SPAC and inn sell accessibility to take advantageous of a massive and electric industry, and we believe we clearly found that with Velodyne Lidar.

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