How to Rebuild an Old Car Generator

Some early automobiles, like the Ford Model T, used a exclusive kind of charging gadget: an engine-driven magneto which generated low-voltage alternating contemporary that become furnished to trembler coils, which supplied the excessive voltage had to generate ignition sparks. (This become exclusive from a true ignition magneto, which generates excessive voltage directly.) Since any such magneto gadget most effective relied on the engines movement to generate contemporary, it may also be used while beginning a manually cranked engine, supplied the crank become pulled sharply, in order that the magneto could produce sufficient contemporary for the coils to make precise sparks.

The Model T included its magneto into the engine flywheel. The first Model Ts used the magneto totally for the trembler coil ignition. Beginning with the 1915 version year, Ford brought electric powered headlights, additionally powered through the magneto.[3][4] The magneto circuit become strictly AC, without a battery blanketed. (There become a turn on the ignition coils to apply a battery instead, which will be beneficial while beginning in bloodless weather, however Ford neither supplied a battery nor did it inspire using one earlier than it delivered an electric powered starter in 1919. The proprietor could should set up the battery himself and fee it externally.)

Starting withinside the 1919 version year, Ford upgraded the Model T to encompass an electric powered starter, which become fashionable for a few fashions and non-compulsory for others. This starter set up additionally blanketed a battery, charged through a traditional dynamo, and the lighting had been now powered through the battery. However, the flywheel magneto nevertheless powered the ignition, and in view that fashions with out the starter had no battery, they endured to apply magneto-powered lighting.[

(Step 1)

Disconnect the battery floor cable from the battery terminal. Remove the twine leads from the generator, making word of which terminal they have been attached. Squeeze the generator belt together along with your hand and unfasten the pulley nut with an open cease wrench. Squeezing the belt prevents the pulley from turning. Remove the pulley from the generator. Remove the generator maintain down bolts and raise the generator off the car.

(Step 2)

Remove the commutator cease body with the aid of using first casting off the thru bolts. The thru bolts are both mounted with a hex-head bolt or with the aid of using a slotted screw. Tap the cease body with a rubber mallet to loosen it from the sphere body. Remove the pressure cease body and armature meeting from the sphere body. The armature meeting is the component with all of the copper windings round a critical shaft and could slide out from the sphere body.

(Step 3)

Clean the commutator cease frames, commutator, and area body with a easy cloth. Do now no longer use solvent of any type at the generator parts. Inspect the cease bearings for immoderate put on or corrosion. Replace the cease bearings in the event that they seem pitted or worn.

(Step 4)

Examine the commutator for excessive bars, excessive mica, pitted bars or immoderate put on. Turn the commutator on a lathe if any of those situations are present. Clean the commutator with a high-quality grade of sandpaper if it seems to be in properly circumstance. Wipe off any sandpaper residue or dust with a easy cloth.

(Step 5)

Remove the brushes from the sphere body and discard. Clean any corrosion off of the comb frames and deployation new brushes. Ensure the preformed attitude of the comb suits the commutator contour. Ensure the comb body springs are in properly circumstance and hold anxiety on the comb. Replace any springs which can be worn or damaged.

(Step 6)

Test the armature for floor faults. Place one lead of the growler probe at the armature middle and the opposite lead at the commutator bar. If the growler lamp lighting fixtures up, the commutator is grounded and ought to be changed.

(Step 7)

Place the armature withinside the V-notch of the growler. Turn the growler on and contact the armature with a steel hack-noticed blade. The hack-noticed blade becomes magnetically drawn to the armature and could vibrate if the armature is properly. Rotate the armature and take a look at every winding withinside the identical way.

(Step 8)

Test the sphere coil for open circuits. Place on lead of the growler probe on the sphere terminal and the opposite lead on the sphere coil result in the armature terminal. If the lamp does now no longer mild then the sphere coils have an open circuit and ought to be changed.

(Step 9)

Test the armature terminal for floor faults. Place one probe of the growler to an armature terminal and region the opposite probe at the generator body. If the lamp lighting fixtures then the terminal insulation thru the generator body has damaged down and ought to be changed.

(Step 10)

Test the comb holders for floor faults. Place one probe of the growler at the insulated brush holder and the opposite probe to the generator body. If the growler lamp lighting fixtures then the comb holder is grounded and the insulation ought to be changed.

(Step 11)

Solder any free wires and update any awful floor insulation as required.

(Step 12)

Install the armature into the sphere body. Install the cease body, being cautious now no longer to harm the brushes at the commutator. Install the pressure cease body and deployation the thru bolts. Install the pressure pulley and fix the pulley nut hand tight.

(Step 13)

Install the generator onto the engine and deployation the maintain down bolts hand tight. Place the generator belt over the engine pulley and generator pulley. Tighten the generator belt the usage of a pry-bar wedged in opposition to the generator body and engine. Tighten the maintain down bolts at the same time as keeping anxiety at the generator with the pry-bar. Squeeze the generator belt together along with your hand and tighten the pulley nut with an open cease wrench.

Attach the twine results in their authentic mounting studs at the generator. Connect the battery floor result in the battery. Polarize the generator with the aid of using momentarily contacting the "BAT" terminal of the voltage regulator to the "GEN" or "ARM" terminal the usage of a jumper twine. Apply eight to ten drops of mild oil to the bearing oil cups positioned on every cease of the generator.

A "growler" is a device particular to vintage car generator rebuilding. Once not unusualplace in each garage, growlers can now handiest be discovered at change meets and thru non-public sales. A virtual multimeter may be used alternatively for sure armature tests.

Things Youll Need

#Socket set

#Open end wrench

#Clean save cloths


#Fine grit sandpaper


#Metal hack-noticed blade

#Soldering iron


#6 -inch jumper cables

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