UFO: Pentagon releases three leaked videos - is the truth finally out

The Pentagon has declassified three videos which appear to show unidentified objects flying through the night sky. But why release them now - and what else might they have?
Covid-19 brought about massive shifts in how Americans spend their time, and where.
Millions of people lost jobs, millions greater worked from home.It meant that many had the time to gaze skyward. And what did we see?

UFOs, of every structure and measurement and color.Using information commencing in 2001, UFO researcher and writer Cheryl Costa posted the most specific evaluation of American UFO sighting reviews ever assembled, the UFO Sightings Desk Reference.During 2020 she improved it, masking the next 20 years of sighting reports from almost every city, county, and state. Costa’s new venture consists of a ranking of which cities said the very best numbers of unusual objects.Cheryl Costa, Author (Photo: Syracuse New Times)“Phoenix is the wide variety one city. Okay, 2nd year in a row.

New York City is number two,” Costa said. “I in no way used to depend New York City’s five boroughs. I attended the counties. Now we’re counting them as a full city. Las Vegas is number three for sightings. Los Angeles is variety range four. Number six is Portland. San Diego is quantity 10. Houston is variety 11 in the country, Albuquerque 13 Sacramento variety 21 in the country. 23 is San Francisco. Fresno used to be 43 And Lubbock is up to 75.”Costa does not attempt to provide an explanation for the sightings or declare they are alien craft, only that they are unidentified flying objects humans have suggested seeing.Her soon-to-be released file breaks down the sightings by way of time of day, and other categories, and analyzes which cities are up and which are down.
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