US military 'go woke' as Chinese commit serious incursion into Taiwan ai...

“Instead of being on alert to combat overseas enemies, the navy is now getting used to ferret out home foes – i.e. absolutely everyone to the proper of the Biden administration,” he said.

For example, the Pentagon enforced a one-day stand-down of US navy forces throughout the globe to cope with the hassle of extremism withinside the ranks.

The Pentagon has additionally released a social media marketing campaign in opposition to Fox News's Tucker Carlson who currently slammed America's more and more more feminised and woke navy.

“How lengthy till the United States navy is going down the street of the vintage Soviet Union, in which political officials had been continually available to test everyone's thinking? Mr Morrow asked.

"Honestly, at this rate, China might not want to defeat America at the battlefield if America below Biden maintains turning into greater like China.”

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